Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting edition, known as VBScript, is a computer language interpreted by a browser. VBScript is used in conjunction with other languages or environments to tie computer-based applications to the internet.
VBScript is mainly supported only by Internet Explorer; most other browser, including Netscape, don’t support it. Using VBScript assumes that you are working on a Microsoft oriented program.
Internet has changed and improved in the past few years. From the simple static pages that webmasters used to creat with the only goal of making some documents available to potential visitors of their sites to the full blown and unique platform that the web has become.
The tags of HTML language, however diversified were not enough to display sophisticated types of documents. Based on this, new languages were developed to respond to new needs.
For its part, Microsoft decided to transform one of its existing languages for use on the Internet. The original language was basic, which was transformed to Visual Basic. Microsoft, therefore created a script languageadapted for the web, which has its root in Visual Basic.
The language was named Visual Basic Scripting edition, or VBScript.

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