How to increase the website’s speed?

You can follow these steps to increase website’s speed:

1. When you look at what’s causing your pages to load slowly, chances are that it’s got something to do with lots of clunky Javascript files or CSS being loaded inefficiently. One of the pitfalls of WordPress and other content management systems is that a new JS or CSS file is added virtually every time you install a new plugin.

There are several ways to minify your files. The first way involves squishing all of your files into one – so instead of calling ten individual javascript files, you simply place all of your javascript in one file.

The second aspect on minifying involves deleting white space and making your files smaller. If you’re using WordPress, WP Minify is a great plugin that automatically does all of this for you.

2. PHP is great for making your site efficient and reducing the need to enter the same information multiple times. However, calling information through PHP uses up server resource and should be replaced with static HTML where it doesn’t save any time.

3. Before your browser can display your webpage it has to figure out how to lay out your content around your images. Without knowing the size of these images the browser work it out, causing it to work harder and take longer. So, Specifying your image dimensions saves the browser having to go through this step, which helps to speed things up.

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