How to increase website security?

You can increase website security by following ways :

*Scan your website with Acunetix to increase website security as it’s good at finding potential security breaches. Also try to temporarily remove any means of file uploading and PHP scripts on your server. Change your cPanel password. Write in your HTACCESS to disable any code from executing (.PHP, .PHP4, .PHP5, .PL, etc). 

*Invest in a latest generation firewall – one which can perform Deep Packet Inspection. Exploits can easily appear via a port which you voluntarily left open (HTTP/HTTPS).

* Implement AppLocker – this allows you to only allow approved applications to execute. In this way you can ensure that malware has no chance to be installed or run, and no user can cheat and bypass your policies using portable applications.

* Remember to always have regular backups of your data and important stuff. As an aside, also remember to back up your mobile contacts. It’s annoying to lose your phone; it’s catastrophic to actually lose a lifetime of contact numbers.

* In general, don’t visit websites which you don’t know – if you have reason to do so, implement web reputation blocking – and therefore only visit websites with a good reputation as they expose minimal risk.

*Block known phishing sites, or use a security engine which does this implicitly.

*If someone is harassing you either through the logs or otherwise don’t be afraid to blacklist their address to prevent access to your site. Not only can this reduce malicious attacks, but it can greatly reduce the amount of spam you receive as well.

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