How much time it takes to get huge trafic in my website

It Takes Time
Building traffic takes time, and usually involves doing a lot of little things over a long period of time.

So if you’re going into this expecting 1,000 visitors per day in the first couple of weeks, you are going to be in for a rude awakening.

There are hundreds of ways to drive trafficto a website or blog, I will mentioned a few here.

The main point I want to drill home is that if you want to get found in the search engines you are going to have to have good link popularity. Quality and uniqueness play an enormous factor in how many sites will recommend you.

So make sure you brainstorm and do plenty of research on your site’s concept and potential competitors before you begin.

Make your site stand out!

How Search Engines Rank Pages Today
While popular search engines like Google,Yahoo, Live, etc. still read your pages to determine what they are about and where to rank it, they also consider off-page criteria — particularly how many other popular, related sites are linking to your site.

In other words, how popular is your site among other Webmasters with similar or related sites?

If you think about it, this is a much better and fair way for search engines to determine how to rank pages because the public is actually voting for the best sites instead of the Webmaster.

This prevents sites using those sneaky tactics from clogging up the results with spam and irrelevant information.

So if Google sees that a site about fishing tips has 12,000 other fishing-related sites linking to them, then that probably means it’s a credible source on the subject.

It would make sense for Google to rank them higher when someone types in “fishing tips” or other fishing related topics that this site focuses on. The more “popular” you are in the eyes of the search engines, the greater chance you’ll make it into the top 10 results.

So that’s the general rule of how people get to the top of popular search engines. Just understand that no engine reveals their algorithm, but it’s no secret that link popularity is one of the most important factors.<br><br>

How Do I Improve My Link Popularity?

That’s the question of the day and where people often get stuck. First of all, being unique and putting your own spin on your topic or idea is an excellent start.

People often fall into the trap of re-writing content or copying a concept that’s already out here, with no uniqueness. Some do it because they are lazy and don’t want to write their own info. Others just don’t realize why it’s such a bad business idea.

I know it may be tempting to copy sites that are already successful, but you have to keep in mind that if you are going to copy their ideas, you are now going to be competing with them. And since they already have the traffic, they have the solid advantage.

Competition is not a bad thing, but if you are going to pattern your site after another, hopefully you will provide different information and/or features that these sites do not offer to give yourself a chance to compete.

MySpace and Facebook are great examples. Facebook became successful because they took the MySpace concept, used their popular features, then added their own unique features that MySpace didn’t offer.

FaceBook also originally targeted college students and once their membership grew, they branched out to target a larger audience. If you’re going to take on a large competitor, it’s very smart to start small like FaceBook did and narrow your target.

Now, I’m not suggesting you compete with the social networking sites because these sites require a ton of programming knowledge and I know the average person does not have access to such resources.

My point is that if you are going to take on another site or concept, be prepared to offer something drastically different (yet useful), and have a solid plan for marketing it.

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