Announcing Website: Most Important Thing After Creating It

What do we mean by Announcing website?


Once you have built a site, and now you want people to find you. There really is no better way of doing that than a listing in the search engine and directories and this is called as announcing a website.

So, let’s continue and know how to Announce Website

If you are in a business for profit, you can hire a Web ad agency to do your public relations and marketing for you. If you are like most people, though, you need to settle for less expensive alternatives. You can post the details of your new web site to one of the announcement newsgroups. This is where people go to find out about new Web sites. Announce your URL on a newsgroup that has a related interest. Alternatively, list your URL with major search engines and directories.

If you are looking to have your site listed in the free search engines such as Google, Bing, Altavista etc., you really don’t need to do a lot more to announce website. All you need is submit one link to your site on these Search Engines.

Search Engines use automated software programmes (called spiders or robots) that crawl the web looking for webpages and related information. These spiders find and classify websites and keep references to these indexed pages in its search engine databases. And when you search for information using a search engine, it will look through its database and display all the matching ones and this is what you have to do to announce website.

The spiders while crawling the web look for links within websites. It goes from one link to another visiting several/many websites on and on. From each of these sites, it collects or updates the information relevant to the website. the crawlers will locate your website soon or later, but no one can say when.

Alternatively, the presence of a new website can be told to the crawler by submitting details of the website to the search engine. once submitted to a search engine, its crawler will visit your site and collect the necessary information.




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