3 amazingly simple ways to increase traffic to your website

amazingly_increase_your_trafficHey Guys! In this article we are going to discuss about 3 amazingly simple ways to increase traffic to your website. One of the main reason a lot of people fail because they didn’t have a lot of traffic and they give up, they get fed up.

Here I will explain you 3 ways for having a lot of free traffic.

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Reddit
Twitter to increase traffic to your website:



The first main thing you have to do is to set up a twitter profile, it sounds a bit simple but it’s not. You should have a professional looking attractive profile with amazing description and then put up a profile link of where your website is.

Once you got your profile you have to start adding people. Now, what I did was I went to somebody’s profile who is in my niche and started adding all of his followers. Now when they see your profile they might follow you as well and this is what you have to do consistently. Your followers may visit you website and will see what you have to offer.

Next thing offcourse is start tweeting. Many peoples have great tweeter account but for some reason they don’t just tweet. Suppose if you tweet twice a day, and get 100 visitors but if you tweet 10 times a day you will get 1000 visitors.

How Facebook can amazingly increase traffic to your website:


The next thing which actually helped me a lot in building traffic and many of my friends I know is Facebook. You have to create a fan page and set up you profile. Now again find someone high profile in you niche and ask them to become your fan because all their followers will then see them becoming your fan and you may get huge amount of new followers. Over a night you can get hundreds and hundreds of followers. Once you built a decent amount of followers in your Facebook fan page you have to start posting your stuffs regularly.

Reddit to increase traffic to your website:


Now from here really powerful stuff starts. You have to create an account in Reddit. It could be extremely powerful to drive traffic to your website. If you somehow managed to get your post on first page of Reddit  then you will get a huge amount of traffic. There will be a flood of traffic to your website but its not an easy task to get your post ranked on first page. You have other alternatives also there are different sub-reddits for different niches and it’s not too hard to get your post on first few pages.

But before using Reddit you should know their policies. They do not allow you to post until you have an account which is at least 5 days old. You should also comment regularly on others post.


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